Wooden Dummy

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Home Jong : Mannequin de Wing Chun en bois et bras bois

Wooden Dummy


Theses are the W-1 and the W-2 Model. The W-1 Model has straight wood arms while the W-2 Model has flexible wood arms (with springs). Everything else is the same, just the arms are different.  (The arms are also interchangeable)

This dummy includes:

Trunk/Body :

  • 8.5" Diameter
  • 68" height (70" with platform (included)).
  • Dry Molded and Laminated wood 4" inside, used to avoid cracking on the long term. 
  • On a 12"x12" foot support, ready to be bolted on the platform (included). 
  • Natural mahogany color teint with natural Oil used (safe for health and the environment).

Arms :

  • In Straight or flexible Cherry Wood with natural finish. 
  • 2.5" to 1.5" in Diameter, from one extremity to the other. .
  • 24" long  (12" out of the dummy). 
  • Rounded with square edge inside the trunk to better simulate the human arms.
  • Upper arms are parallels and set between 8.5" to 9" apart.

Leg :

  • In Spruce Wood. 
  • 3"x3" diameter
  • 41" long (28" out of the dummy), pointing down on a 120 degree angle.

Triangular platform :

  • Cherry Wood of 1" thickness with a 2" border. 
  • 24"x24" in diameter
  • The platform can go against a wall or in a corner. Because it is triangular, you won't step on it while practicing. 

Others :

  • Total weight: 90 pounds, but still easy to move. 
  • Dimensions and positioning follows the "IP Chun" standard. 
  • Protection pad sold separately.


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