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Testimony from users and customers

 January 2017

 "I own both MAC the companion and the Traditional Jong  wooden dummy made by Home Jong. I find them both to be of exquisite craftsmanship and most excellent solo training tools for practising and drilling your kung fu forms and movement. I know of no other solo training tool that can equal the benefit of the spring loaded arms, they greatly increase your ability to subconsciously and consistently maintain that subtle outward point of contact pressure that is so critical to wing chun and with consistent practice will undoubtedly enhance your sensitivity and chi sao exchanges."

Jon Paul Mouttet, Florida, USA; Wing Chun Practionner

 November 2016

Karate people who think that the "MAC or UTC companion" is not for them, should think again. The arms are not a nuisance, on the contrary. It allows you to deal with an opponent arms. Also, the arms can served for armlock and more. Everything is removable on the dummy. I tried it and it is really good. Actually the Mac is better build and much better than the BOB. As a karate pioneer in Quebec/Canada, you can trust my words about the MAC.

Gilles Dufour, Quebec, Canada : Karate Teacher pioneer


 October 2016

Again thank you Gaetan for the wooden dummy.
I am very happy with the new arms and leg. Very good service :)
I do not regret doing business with you!
I highly recommend your products :)

Vincent Haince, Québec, Canada : Student of Sifu Yves Laprise


 October 2016

 Hi Gaetan, I received the Home Jong PVC dummy a couple of weeks back and I have been very pleased with it. The dummy arrived promptly and was very easy to assemble. I have placed four 20 kg ergonomic kettle bells on the base for weight and they are a perfect fit. The dummy is stable but still has plenty of play in it. The portability of the Home Jong will allow me to move it to my patio this summer in just minutes. A well made dummy at a reasonable price!

Thanks again, Roddy, Chilliwack, B.C. 


  May 2016

 "Hi Gaetan. I received the pegs yesterday. They work well. I really appreciate your attention to customer service. I have gotten a lot of use out of the dummy for the past 6 months that I have owned it. It really is a high quality dummy at a very reasonable price! Once again, thank you very much. Take Care."

Jeff Emmanuelli, Fichburg, Wisconsin, USA

April 2016
"Good morning Gaetan, Thank you very much for the information and the dummy with protection pad. That is very kind of you. 
I very much appreciate your excellent customer service and look forward to doing more business with you in the future... that's when I decide to buy the flex arms :-) Have a wonderful weekend!".
Hassan Idriss (Markam, Ontario, Canada)

January 2016

"Hello Gaetan, Yes I did receive it in good order and left 5 STAR feedback Thank You! You do excellent work and I do love the color as specified and the specs are perfect for my height. Its definitely a lot more hefty than the chinese one we have at the school. Hope all is well, I look forward to doing business with you again in the future." Cheers, Fabella

E.H. Valante' Fabella (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) 

January 2016

"Received your PVC dummy, I would like to say that it is a very high quality Wing Chun dummy. The dummy body and the hands are all made with high quality handcraft. The dummy will be shaken a little bit when I practice, however, this problem also happens on thoses dummies which are supported by stand up hanging frame. So I can say I am happy with this dummy.
I will show this dummy to my friends who are interested in getting their own dummy.
Thank you very much and wish you every success in your future venture!"
Hyori Lee (Scarborough, Ontario): Wing Chun Practitionner

December 2015
"Hey Gaetan, Thank you very much, your service has been excellent. I absolutely love the home jong and have been training with it everyday."
Asad Bhati (Mississauga, Ontario)

July 2015

  "I love the Home Jong models. I saw how they are built and they are of good quality and strong.

Whether in PVC or in WOOD , a fine attention to detail is made for each of the models. I highly recommend it."
Mario Poirier (Gaspésie)   : Martial Art Teacher


April 2015

"I Love these things, I got a set of both static and springing arms - allot of people talk down about springing arms saying that "the initial intention to the Muk Jong was to be able to move around force and stepping" - but in all honesty, the springs are great for practicing drills and are actually pretty rigid- I get the concept of total rigidity but an actual opponent will likely have a little give, and from my experience (when regarding a real life situation) the springing arms are more accurate as they apply a lot of pressure with minimal give - a big difference to the totally static - but really enjoy training with both!

Everett Nolan (Vancouver) : Wing Chun Assistant Instructor


September 2014

"I really love the product. It is of very good quality for an affordable price.

At last ! Dummys like I love with spring arms in wood!. I took the PVC model with the platform and the arms in wood and I am very happy.
This is great, and I really improve my Wing Chun with this dummy.
Thank you Gaetan !"

John Joseph (New York)

August 2014

"Hi Gaetan, As a JKD instructor I am all about expressing my self, and learning new things, so your wing chun dummy is great for me as a necessary tool to get better. For me, this dummy, is a must for anyone seriously training martial arts.

 It is about a growth which I can see in your dummy making, which is getting better and better. I plan to buy the arms in wood very soon. Cheers and keep blasting."

Dragan Romic (Brantford-Ontario) - Jeet-Kune-Do Instructor - 



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